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Article Published: 15th Nov 2007

DYNO/Mongoose CX 24V 200 Electric Motocross Bicycle

So you've seen us riding about town and would like to know more about our bikes? Well here it is, the complete run-down of frequently asked questions, along with a comprehensive product review.

1. Is that a bicycle?

2. Are those bikes electric or petrol powered?
These bicycles are electric.

3. So how do you charge them?
They have a sealed lead acid battery (SLA) and 24 volt charger. They take 6-8 hours to complete a full charge. A battery lasts approx 6-9 months or 200 charges, and replacement batteries can be purchased from any battery shop. They do not charge while riding.

4. Do you need a license or registration?
No. In Australia, electric bicycles (with pedals!) 200 watts and below do not require a license or registration to ride on the road.

5. How fast/far do they go?
They get approx 25 kilometres to a charge and travel between 17-18 kilometres per hour at full throttle. With an extra 2 hour charge out on the road they will easily squeeze out another 10 kilometres. These figures are dependent on weight and environmental factors such as wind, hills, or dirt roads.

6. What are they like on hills?
They do need to be helped up a steep hill with some peddling, but average hills present no problem.

7. Why do you ride side-saddle?
The seat sux. Kids dont seem to mind it but for adults the seat is too hard and forces the knees up uncomfortably high when peddling. Best not to peddle, but rather ride side-saddle which makes for a very relaxing and comfortable ride.

8. Where did you buy them & How much did they cost?
We purchased our bikes from K-Mart during July 2007. They were on sale for AU$137 each, reduced from AU$499. Unfortunately this model is no longer in production and is not available for purchase in the stores ... though you may be able to pick one up on Ebay or Amazon. K-Mart reguarly stock DYNO brand bicycles so thats the best place to go for similar products. Only one month after we bought the last of these bicycles, K-Mart offered a full-sized 200 watt DYNO electric geared mountain bike with optional second battery, on special for just AU$399.

9. Why did you scoot off into the distance when I approached to ask about your bike? Or Why didn't you answer my Post-it note?
Sorry, but we are busy parents of eight children and are often stopped by people curious about our bikes. We understand ... we first learnt about them from another owner also. However these bikes are our main form of transport, so when you do see us out and about we are most likely on a mission from A to B and may not have time to chat. Please do not be offended ... maybe you can catch us next time. As to post-it notes left on the bikes in our absence - we feel that's just getting a little too desperate.

10. Can I have a ride?
Can I take your 4WD for a spin around the carpark? No? Why not? That's right. These bikes are our cars ... No, you cannot have a ride.

Originally released in the US by Mongoose as the blue/black CX 24V 200W (18 inch front and 16 inch rear tires) and the orange/black CX 24V 450W (20 inch tires), the DYNO CX 24V 200W sold on the Australian market is actually the 450 watt motor limited to 200 watts. The patented Electro Drive system in both the Mongoose & Dyno products is supplied by Currie Technologies who state on their website, "Just try one of our vehicles and you will understand why our technologies are protected by these worldwide patents." They are not wrong.

With 20 inch knobby tires, Black Out alloy wheels and front disc brakes, dual chrome suspension forks, Moto-X handlebars, Krayton grips, and weighing in at a hefty 36 kilos - these bikes are hardcore heavy-duty personal transport machines. Our CX 200's also sport Huffy trip computers, front and rear lights, black metal baskets, and ocky straps. For adults, the seat is the only thing letting this ride down, but sitting side-saddle solves that and makes for a relaxing and comfortable ride. The seat design also allows for the use of a saddlebag. The bikes are shipped with bright motocross accessories, though we chose not to install these.

As our main mode of transportation, we ride our CX 200's almost everyday. They travel between 17-18 kilometres per hour, with a range of approx 25 kilometres to a charge. An extra 2 hour charge out on the road will easily get another 10 kilometres out of it. They are the perfect solution for backpackers, as a green solution for people who prefer not to drive, or as an alternative "around town" vehicle.

No mere toy, the CX 200 will confidently complete a 15 kilometre round trip to the shop and back carrying: an adult, a child, 3 x 3 litre milk cartons, 12 lunchbox juices, 1 kilo box of Weetbix, 3 x 700 gram loaves of bread, 500 gram margarine tub, 2.5 kilos yogurt, 2 litres custard, 1.5 kilos sausages, small pack of nappies and baby snax, 2 x 10 packs of 2 min noodles, plus odds and ends. Check out the photo above of CoOL JaMiN on his DYNO with a full load of shopping. The DYNO CX 24V 200W Electric Motocross Bicycle Kicks Arse!
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